A new twist on wedding invitations

All you need for your event

The perfect tool for modern couples

Guest list

Automated guest lists with all the information you need

Picture slideshow

Beautiful and personalized photo slideshow for your guests.

Event information

Destination wedding? include flights, hotel booking recommendations and more.

Gift buttons

Include Paypal® buttons to receive gifts online with just one click.

Thank you page

Create a special page to thank your party guests after the event.

After party summary

Upload your best photos or video on a single page.

Make it yours

100% personalized design

We make your website design from the asthetics of your event. No templates, 100% flexible, 100% yours.

Own it!

Your gifts are yours, that is a promise we wont break.

We don't take commissions on the money you receive on your gifts. It's your account, you manage it. You can use paypal or any money platform you like.

Keep it simple

All the info in one place, very simple to view and edit.

Don't have to be endlessly scrolling through lists of gifts. You can even have your own domain with any name you like.


Do I need to know HTML or design

No you don't, we take care of all of that.

Do I need to register my domain

You can have your free domain hosting your site with us at mywedding.website/yourname. If you want to have a personalized www domain name we can register one for you for a small fee and redirect it to your page. 

Can my site have the same design as my invitations?

If you provide us with the design files of the invitations we can definitely continue the same style of design so you can have all your communications with a harmonious aesthetic.

Do you do invitation designs as well?

Yes we do! If you still don't have your invitations we can help you with that too. We can even make them animated if you want to share it on social media or any messaging platform

I have a facebook group, can I add it to my website?

Sure you can! just give us the link and we´ll add it here.

I have an instagram account created for my special day, can I add it to my website?

Yes you can! we can create a component that shows all the instagram pictures of your account here. But as it uses the Instagram® API, you will have to give us access so we can configure the permissions first. 

How can I set up Paypal® to receive money?

We help you configure the account and creating the payment buttons. You decide how much and how many buttons you can use. You will have to convert your user Paypal account to a business type to enable the payment buttons, but don't worry! it's super easy and it's free.

What payment gateways do you work with?

We mainly work with Paypal® worldwide and Mercadopago® for latin america.

Do you take any porcentage of the money transfered?

No we don't. We setup your account and all the money that you receive is yours. You´ll only be charged for the service by your payment gateway (for example: Paypal®). The percentages may vary depending of the amount of money received, country of origin and gateway.

Can I setup a bank account number for the Gifts instead?

Sure you can! we usually do both! Paypal® and bank details for a personalized gift. 

How long does it take to make a website?

you should book your website approximately one month BEFORE you send the invitations. There is a couple of things we have to configure and test and it would be wise to do it with time.

Express yourself

A great way to show your story

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This is just a small sample we created to show what we can do for your wedding. It can be customized to fit your every need. Let's work together to create something beautiful and lets get started with all the tools to make your event more accesible and modern.


All prices are in US Dollars.

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